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Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States has generated wide coverage on the broader topic of U.S.-China relations in the national and international media this week, including a pair of high-profile articles quoting experts from the Monterey Institute on changing defense postures and military dynamics in East Asia.

A Newsweek magazine article on China’s new stealth bomber quotes International Policy Studies (IPS) Professor Wei Liang regarding the changing military dynamic in East Asia. Professor Liang believes the jet could trigger significant changes in a region already undergoing huge shifts.

A Voice of America piece on the same subject quotes IPS Professor Tsuneo Akaha, who is also director of the Center for East Asian Studies at MIIS. Professor Akaha attributes recent changes in Japan’s defense posture to “the expanding Chinese military, particularly naval capabilities offshore and also the recent development of new aircraft, stealth fighters, and the Chinese deployment and plans to build more submarines that would allow the Chinese to project their power to greater distances.”

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