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The dedicated staff of the Institute’s Center for Advising and Career Services (CACS) organized a full day of activities on Friday, October 4 designed to help students find and follow their career goals and make the most of their time in Monterey. Working with students from day one has proven a great strategy as evident by the large number of graduates landing jobs in their field either by or shortly after graduation. The line-up of sessions with employers, experts in the field, and accomplished alumni, and opportunities for discussions, assessments, and strategizing proved so enticing that it beat the sunny beaches on one of the most gorgeous days of the season.

“Once again students utilized the resources we’re offering to help themselves get focused on their career trajectory,” said career advisor Jeff Wood who, like his colleagues, was happy to see a large group of students attend the events. This is the second year CACS hosts an official Career Focus Day in the fall and it “has definitely proved its value,” says Tate Miller, dean of Advising, Career and Student Services.

For the first time, the Digital Learning Commons (DLC) offered students the opportunity to have a free portrait photo taken for portfolios, LinkedIn profiles, or any other professional purposes. That also proved an offer too good to let pass, as about 150 students dropped by the Our Green Thumb student garden to have their photo taken by one of the talented photographers from the DLC.

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