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The Monterey Institute Student Information Fair has grown steadily in size and scope over the last few years and the 2013 edition this Friday featured over 40 different organizations, business and community groups presenting various services and opportunities to students at the Samson Student Center. The Fair gives students a convenient way to connect with different service providers as well as community groups offering opportunities for engagement at the start of the semester to help them make the most of their time in Monterey.

The event has also inspired new students to connect with other Monterey Institute students around hobbies or areas of interest. At the end of the fair, a group of incoming students interested in bicycling organized “Burgers and Bikes” – a 40-mile bike trip to In-N-Out Burger in Salinas and back. Another incoming student used the opportunity to find other people on campus interested in playing tennis regularly. MIIS students use every chance they get to bridge cultures and discover shared interests!

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