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Did you know that “Mori-girl” style contrasts with “Gal” style? Students at Stevenson High School in Pebble Beach learned all about the nuances of Japanese teenage fashion styles when they were treated to presentations from 21 Kanda University scholars who are visiting the Monterey Institute of International Studies as part of a study abroad program. The Japanese scholars will enrich the curriculum of other students in the Monterey area in the coming days, with visits scheduled to the International School of Monterey and Stevenson lower school.

For the record, “Mori-girl” means forest girl, and signifies a style of fashion that typically involves teenage girls wearing floating dresses, second-hand clothes and little make-up. They are interested in the forest, Finland and fairies. In contrast, teenage girls that consider themselves “Gal-girls” are very trendy, and like to wear lots of both make-up and accessories. “Gal-girls” tend to have their own slang and the description made Stevenson teenagers think of the American style known as “Valley girls.” How is that for teenage cultural exchange?

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