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For the 28th year, Middlebury Institute students, staff and faculty came together on Saturday, April 11th to celebrate the wonderful strands of cultural diversity that make up the fabric of our community. Fourteen groups of students got together and made and shared food either from their native culture, or from places where they have had transformative experiences.

Community members could start off with some African-inspired peanut butter soup, move over to taste some German bratwurst, and sip their Taiwanese bubble tea while taking in some of the many performances, before treating themselves to the traditional Peruvian cookie alfajores. In between tasting the different delicacies, guests were invited to explore the submissions to the popular annual MIIS photo contest and vote for their favorites.

This year we also welcomed close to one hundred prospective students and their families to join in the celebration after touring the campus and attending information sessions about their programs. To top it all off, it was a beautiful Monterey spring day with plenty of sun and just the perfect amount of sea breeze for a celebration of the unique and vibrant MIIS campus community.


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