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The Monterey Institute chapter of Net Impact recently joined forces with the Bay Area non-profit organization Teens Turning Green to put on an eco-friendly fashion show called ReStyled. The intent of the MIIS students was to show that you can make environmentally friendly choices in clothing and fashion and still look “cool.” It turned out to be a great event, showcasing sustainability principles in action in an entertaining and informative way for a full house of interested students.

Monterey Institute students worked as both coordinators and models for this eco-friendly event. As Alexis Gabriel, one of the organizers, shares: “Our goals were to showcase great fashion, to promote sustainable fashions and facilitate consumer education.” This event served as a Net Impact fundraiser as well as a platform to inform attendees of the various ways they can contribute to the green movement by purchasing goods produced by using lower energy consumption, renewable energy, organic materials, and through up-cycling.

The fashion show also reflects the growing emphasis on sustainable business practices in both the International Environmental Policy and International MBA programs at MIIS.

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