Immersive learning is a signature element of the Monterey Institute’s distinctive approach to graduate professional education. Students build on the foundation of theory and classroom learning by tacking real-life issues as part of their coursework through a variety of immersive learning opportunities offered, from internships to targeted development projects with academic supervision.

This summer MIIS students are working on almost every corner of the globe, engaged in projects that are relevant to their professional goals. Students from various programs are working together on community development programs in the Sacred Valley of Peru; seven environmental policy students are receiving support from the Center for the Blue Economy during their internships with international environmental organizations on three continents, and two students are researching conflict as part of the Advocacy Project Peace Fellowships in Bosnia and Palestine, public administration students are working on diverse projects such as sustainable tourism in Mexico and renewable energy in Canada – just to name a few examples.

Many students are sharing stories from their summer adventures on their blogs, collectively found at the “Summer in the Field” blog.

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