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The Monterey Institute’s own “futbol club” has advanced to the semi-finals in the Monterey Peninsula Soccer League, much to the joy of numerous die-hard fans on campus.

The Monterey Institute soccer team is known by its fans as the MIIS Globadores—a hybrid word meaning “global futbol players,” perfectly describing the truly international flair of this team. This season players come from eight different countries—Norway, Spain, Mexico, Egypt, Japan, Denmark, England and the United States. Since current captain Joseph Button joined the team in 2008, he has also played alongside people from Estonia, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Argentina, Oman and Chile.

“Nothing brings out diversity and differences in customs and behavior more than getting together on a competitive soccer pitch,” says Joseph Button and adds that being on the MIIS Soccer Team has been a great lesson in international communication. “In the end it is very rewarding and lasting friendships form.”

The team’s slogan is “The Earth shakes when the Globadores take the field”—and although that might be a slight overstatement, there is some truth to it as well, because through their extracurricular activities, these students are proving that by working together people from different cultures and backgrounds can achieve real change in the world.

This season is shaping up to be one of the best in the team’s history and excitement is growing on campus for the semi-final game against the powerhouse Atletico Espanol on Sunday December 5th. For more information on the game or the team, visit the Globadores webpage or the MIIS Soccer Team Facebook page.

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