Posted February 19, 2009

Following on the recent announcement of the three new deans at MIIS, the Institute today identified the degree program structures that the new deans will oversee beginning in Fall 2009.

In order to ensure a smooth transition for both students and faculty, the current degree programs will be retained as focal points for the new Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education (GSTILE) and Graduate School of International Policy & Management (GSIPM). At the same time, this structure will create a strong foundation for future academic initiatives and innovations.

The Graduate School of International Policy and Management will feature four degree programs:

  • The Fisher Program in International Business (MBA)
  • Program in Public Administration for International Management (MPA)
  • Program in International Environmental Policy (MAIEP)
  • Program in International Policy Studies (MAIPS)

The Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education will consist of five programs:

  • Program in Translation and Interpretation (MATI)
  • Program in Conference Interpretation (CI)
  • Program in Translation and Localization Management (MAT/MATLM)
  • Program in Language Studies

In both schools, a number of non-degree activities and programs will be grouped together for management purposes under the category of “Special Programs.”

The next step in the assembly of the new schools’ structures will be the appointment of program chairs for each of the above degree programs. These chairs will work with the two academic deans, faculty and staff to develop, enhance and promote the individual programs going forward.

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