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As self-described professor of pedagogical magic, Peter Shaw is not one to follow the beaten path, but one who instead embraces new challenges and innovation in teaching and learning. It is then perhaps fitting, that this season of giving thanks he has decided to actively “thank outside the box.” As he explains it, he is going to try to “in particular appreciate my students who are not only grateful for what they like in their education, but also indicate how it might be even better.”

A professor in the Institute’s Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program, Peter has been thinking about gratitude recently after he discovered that studies show that it increases with age. “So by now I should totally stink of thankfulness and appreciation,” he says with his characteristic good-humored grin. “This week,” he says, “I am especially grateful for all those members of the MIIS community who themselves have the attitude of gratitude, and take the time to thank those who so constantly provide us with help, encouragement, and support. A Happy Thanks giving to all!”

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