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Club Fair 2015
Students discover common interests and share learning and recreational experiences through the 36 student clubs represented at the Middlebury Institute’s annual Club Fair.

The annual Club Fair at the Middlebury Institute is in many ways a celebration of the vibrant and diverse campus community. The 36 clubs that were represented this year offer students the opportunity make the most of their time in Monterey. Among clubs that have become staples at the Institute are the Feminine MIIStique soccer team, the MIISfits softball club, Stammtisch German club, African Nations, Trade Club, Our Green Thumb Garden, and the Thirst and Hunger Innovative Solutions club. National and international organizations such as the Peace Corps, Amnesty International, and the Red Cross are also represented.

Not surprisingly for a school where the thread of language runs through all of our degree programs, one of the most popular clubs again this year is B.U.I.L.D., or Beyond yoUrself in Language Development. This club offers free language lessons taught by Institute students to anyone in the Monterey community. Asked why he was interested in it, one student standing in the long line for the club responded happily: “Because I want to give a speech in Chinese at my new friend´s wedding!”


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