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As an exercise in real life simultaneous interpretation, it doesn’t get much better than TEDxMonterey. “This is a marvelous opportunity for our students to be able to interpret dynamic speeches live,” says Professor Barry Slaughter Olsen, chair of the Conference Interpretation program at the Monterey Institute. The TEDxMonterey conference is a dynamic event, with 18 speakers exploring the theme of “Cultivating Innovation” in creative and thought-provoking ways.

The event will be streamed live via the Internet so that the audience will have the option of simultaneous interpretation by Monterey Institute students in five languages: Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Korean and Japanese. Streaming the interpretation live is exciting for the interpreters, which provides them with the unique opportunity for others to hear their work. “This is a wonderful exercise in a real-life situation providing our students with the opportunity to help communicate innovative and creative ideas in other languages,” added Professor Olsen.

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