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Gifts to the Monterey Institute more than doubled in the fiscal year ending on June 30 as compared to the previous year. Gifts received over the 2013-14 fiscal year totaled $6,510,088, more than twice the $3.1 million received in 2012-13. Participation was up across the board, with total donors increasing 34 percent and alumni donors jumping 50 percent.

For the fourth year in a row, the Institute met the “Multiply the Good” challenge, raising more than $1 million in gifts of $5,000 or more and thereby triggering a $500,000 match from an anonymous donor. Year-end results also benefitted from an alumni-focused challenge in June, which generated 541 gifts totaling more than $125,000.

“To have giving to the Institute double year over year is gratifying and humbling,” commented MIIS President Sunder Ramaswamy. “The loyal support that MIIS has earned over the years continues to grow, and these contributions will help to make a top-quality international graduate education accessible for the next generation of students.”

To learn more about the wide range of gift opportunities at the Monterey Institute, please visit our Giving page.


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