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(Credit: Jonelle Still )

Jonelle Still is an Air Force veteran and is CipherTrace’s Director of Crypto Investigations and Intelligence and the terrorism finance SME. In her role, she has trained: law enforcement, law firms, domestic and foreign government agencies, and financial crime specialists. She is a regular contributor to CipherTrace’s quarterly Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering report and has consulted on these critical topics with the OSCE, CEPOL, Europol and United Nations; and sits on panels hosted by ACFCS, Government Blockchain Association, Anti Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative, CBANC, Mastercard Crypto Days, The Block. She provides expert witness testimony and technical expertise to courts on cryptocurrency and digital assets including investigations and tracing.

Jonelle is a member of the Institute of Security and Technology Ransomware Task Force and the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies Special Interest Group which focuses on Financial Crime and Human Trafficking. She has worked multilaterally with the U.S. State Department on critical export control topics at UNVIE; and studied Arabic in Amman, Jordan via Critical Languages Scholarship.

Areas of Interest

Curiosity and adventure motivate Jonelle, both personally and professionally. She learnt how to ski this past winter and is eager to get out on the trails on her mountain bike once the record snowfall melts.

Jonelle is allways reading and learning about new developments in the Web 3.0 ecosystem, ask her for Twitter/other social media follow recommendations.

Jonelle’s interests and expertise related to the program are the following: terrorism financing, ransomware, human trafficking, fraud, AML, crypto consulting and education, cryptocurrency and programmable money, investigations tools and techniques in Web. 3.0 & decentralized finance, disruptive technologies in traditional finance, use of cryptocurrency in terror finance, and the future of finance, identity, social media.


Academic Degrees

Jonelle holds two masters’ degrees from Middlebury Institute of International Studies in International Policy and Development and International Trade and Economic Diplomacy and focused on Financial Crimes, Arabic language and Export Controls.

She has been teaching crypto investigations at MIIS since 2021.


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