Professor Eu is a published translator and freelance language service provider with more than two decades of experience. Prior to teaching at MIIS, professor Eu has taught translation and consecutive interpretation at the Graduate Studies of Interpretation & Translation (GSIT) program at the University of Maryland College Park from 2015 to 2020. She is excited to bring her extensive industry and teaching experience to MIIS.

As a veteran in the industry, Professor Eu works with translation agencies, publishing houses, and institutional and private clients on projects in the areas of education, management, arts, medicine, and science. She encourages her students to maintain the habit of extensive reading, stay informed about the current affairs, and stay connected with and involved in the local community.

Areas of Interest

Over the past decade, Professor Eu has been actively involved in community interpretation in all levels of educational settings. She is dedicated to facilitating communications and cultural understandings between parents and educators as well as promoting cultural competency in school staff.



MA in Translation & Interpretation, Monterey Institute of International Studies

BA in English Language & Literature, Providence University, Taiwan