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Ming Ren’s main expertise is in simultaneous and consecutive conference interpretation. Ren has extensive experience translating and interpreting for organizations such as the US State Department, the World Bank, and the consulting firm McKinsey, and tries to bring professional experience to the classroom. Prior to teaching at MIIS, Ming taught at New York University in the MA program of Chinese-English Translation, and at Nottingham University Ningbo Campus in the MA program of Translation and Interpretation.

Areas of Interest

Ming is passionate about learning new things. A big reason she became an interpreter was to constantly learn about different industries and institutions from an insider perspective, and she finds new projects very satisfying.

MIIS is a great community for translators and interpreters. She is constantly inspired and encouraged by her students and fellow teachers here. She says that it is a great pleasure that she can contribute to this community by sharing her experiences with students and help them reach their full potential.


Academic Degrees

Ningbo University - BA in English

MIIS - MA in Translation and Interpretation; Certification in Conference Interpreting