“I am passionate about travel and culture. My goal is to visit three new countries per year, not as a tourist, but in a way that I can experience each new place as a learner of their history and culture.”

“Teaching is the best opportunity to learn. What MIIS offers me is the opportunity to engage with new generations that view the world from new angles and perspectives. I bring the past, the students bring the future.”

“Along my professional journey I have played many roles related to the language business. I have been a translator, a bad interpreter, a business owner, a teacher, an executive in large organizations, an analyst, a consultant, an author. Each activity allowed me to view the language industry from all its angles and to understand its mechanisms and drivers. I teach “The Business of Translation” because I live it, and I want to share my expertise with you.”

Previous Work
Owner of Lazoski, Beninatto & Associados
Director of Sales & Marketing at Berlitz GlobalNET
Vice-President of Sales at ALPNET
Co-founder of Common Sense Advisory
CEO of Milengo International
Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Sales at Moravia
Co-founder of Nimdzi Insights



Academic Degrees

PUC Rio de Janeiro


Co-Author of The General Theory of the Translation Company

Co-founder of Nimdzi Insights LLC

Owner and Publisher of MultiLingual Magazine

The General Theory of the Translation Company (also available in Italian and Turkish)

Innovate Globally (Editor)

The Global Podcast (co-host)