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Episode 3: Tom Thorley!

Episode Three: The Future of Responsible Platform Governance, An Interview with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) Director of Technology: Tom Thorley

Tom Thorley sat down with us today and answered many questions about the GIFCT! The GIFCT stops global terrorists from exploiting digital platforms! We talked mainly about their hashing database, censorship, and responsible platform governance that is mindful of human rights! 

Some topics in this episode are a little technical! Here are resources for more information: 

An animated video of how the Hash Sharing Database works: https://gifct.org/tech-innovation/

An animated video on the Content Incident Protocol: https://gifct.org/content-incident-protocol/

Dr. Erin Saltman (Director of Programming at the GIFCT) interviewed by Issie Lapowsky about the expansions to the taxonomy for the hash-sharing database: https://www.protocol.com/policy/gifct-erin-saltman

Tom Thorley
Tom Thorley, Director of Technology at the GIFCT!

The Future of Responsible Online Platform Governance: With the GIFCT's Tom Thorley

The Future of Responsible Online Platform Governance: With the GIFCT’s Tom Thorley

Episode 2: Christoper Painter!

Christopher Painter is the current President of the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise he also is on the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace he is also a former Coordinator for Cyber Issues at the U.S. State Department (2011 - 2017), as well as a Senior Director for Cybersecurity at the White House (2009-2011), and he also served in the FBI Cyber Division as a Deputy Assistant Director.

In this episode, the Collab talks about cyber diplomacy, threat awareness, norms, how international law applies in cyberspace, confidence-building and capacity building! All of which are detailed in the newly adopted consensus report from the UN Open-ended Working group (OWEG)! Painter also urges all students who are interested in this field to get involved especially in cyber capacity building, stating ‘You can truly make an impact here’.

Episode 2: Christoper Painter!

On this episode of ‘The Collab’ Elle Zesky and Robert Siudak sit down with Christopher Painter and talk about his career, cyber diplomacy, threat awareness, norms, how international law applies in cyberspace, confidence-building and capacity building!

Christopher Painter

Episode 1: William Altman!

William Altman spoke about the cybersecurity environment, changing and emerging issues, as well as what companies like Cyber Cube recommend to practitioners to stay on top of these emerging threats.

On March 31st William Altman also held a fireside-style chat for interested students where he talked about getting involved in the field, resume building, and industry standards 

The Collab Podcast: Episode 1 with William Altman!

Cyber Cube cybersecurity consultant and 2014 MIIS Alumni, William Altman joins us for a discussion on the current, past, and future cybersecurity landscape as detailed in his latest report: The Emerging Cyber Threat to Industrial Control Systems
Read the full report here!