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The Middlebury Institute Master’s in International Environmental Policy (IEP) gives you the skills to address and help solve today’s complex environmental challenges.

Policy and Management

Understand and apply key elements of environmental policy and management to challenging issues at international, national, and subnational levels. Includes policy development and implementation processes, resource management and regulatory decision making, and the principles, politics, and dilemmas that underlie policy making and management in today’s world.

Applied Conservation Science

Describe and apply advanced scientific conservation principles, theories, and practices to global environmental issues, with a focus on climate risk and adaptation.


Understand and apply the design principles of commons governance and the existing body of international environmental law to global and transboundary resource governance.


Describe and apply a range of economic arguments, tools, and analysis to international environmental policy issues that account for political constraints, and address issues of both efficiency and equity.


Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of a specific area relevant to international environmental policy, such as sustainability management; natural resource policy and management; or ocean and coastal resource management.


Demonstrate an ability to communicate on a professional level orally and in writing, in English and at least one additional language, with a range of stakeholders across disciplines and media.

Research Skills

Demonstrate an ability to translate complex environmental policy problems into research questions that will advance effective policy and management, then design and implement a robust research project capable of answering the questions.