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Curriculum for the three-semester, 48-credit version of the International Trade program. This is an alternative option to the 42-credit program.

Start Date Credits Capstone Language Competency Program Chairs
August 48 Required Required

Mahabat Baimyrzaeva


Core course work:

  • Intro to Trade Policy and Institutions (4 credits)     
  • Business Statistics (2 credits)
  • International Trade: Theory and Practice (4 credits)
  • International Trade Law and Dispute Resolution (4 credits)

Comparative Business/Government Relations (2 credits)

ITED Seminars (4 credits) sample courses:

  • 21st Century Trade Issues
  • Negotiating Global Development Policy
  • Trade, Migration, FDI, and Development
  • International Trade Negotiation Simulation
  • Foreign Policy, Trade, and Security in East Asia
  • Strategic Trade Controls and Nonproliferation

Electives (14 credits) sample courses:

  • Currency Capital Flows & Financial Crises
  • Trade Law Compliance
  • Legal Aspect of Compliance
  • Quantitative Analysis for Trade  
  • Art of Negotiation    
  • International Crisis Negotiation Exercise
  • Trade Based Financial Crime
  • Financial Investigations and Compliance
  • Topics in Supply Chain Management   
  • International Business Consulting

Language and Intercultural Competence (12 credits)

  • 8 credits of language study required and the remaining 4 credits may be used to take approved intercultural competence courses and/or additional language courses.

Economic Diplomacy Professional Project (2 credits)


Students take fourteen credits of electives from an approved list. Some courses are offered by other Institute graduate programs.

Language and Intercultural Competence

Courses taught in your chosen language combine language skills development with topics related to your degree work and professional interests. Our intercultural competence (ICC) offerings provide the cross-cultural communication skills needed to pursue global careers.

Sample language courses:

  • Arab-African Relations (in Arabic)
  • Green Enterprise and Innovation (in Spanish)
  • Japan: Soft Power (in Japanese)
  • Business Chinese (in Chinese)

Sample ICC courses:

  • Economic Statecraft: Culture and Conflict Resolution
  • Intercultural Group Dynamics
  • Multilingual Communication in Multicultural Settings

Economic Diplomacy Professional Project

Students complete an economic diplomacy professional project. This is an intensive working and writing project directed by ITED faculty and aimed at improving research, analysis, and writing skills; demonstrating knowledge and abilities; and building connections and networks in the community in areas of students’ specialization.

Students will select an emphasis for their project in one of the following three specializations:

  • Commercial Diplomacy
  • Trade Compliance
  • Regional specialization

Final Semester

The final semester is expected to be combined with an internship in a trade-related organization in Washington, D.C., Monterey, or in some instances another location.

Washington, D.C. option

Students can take courses in the third semester in D.C. on business-government relations and economic statecraft and conflict resolution, and a seminar on advanced trade topics. Evening classes allow students to pursue internships. Students who intern in D.C. in the summer prior should consider continuing the internship during the semester.

Monterey option

Some students choose to stay on the Central Coast to complete their degree, to take advantage of courses only offered at our Monterey campus, and networking and internship opportunities in the region.

Other options

Students may find internship opportunities elsewhere in the U.S. or abroad for their final semester. Careful planning with your career advisor is crucial.

Sample Course Schedule

Fall Start, Full Time, Three Semesters

Term Course Credits
Fall 1 Introduction to Trade Policy and Institutions 4
Fall 1 Business Statistics 2
Fall 1 International Trade: Theory and Practice 4
Fall 1 International Trade Law & Dispute Resolution 4
Fall 1 Language Studies 4
Spring 1 Electives 14
Spring 1 Language Studies 4
Fall 2 Seminar: 21st-Century Trade Issues 4
Fall 2 Economic Statecraft: Culture and Conflict Resolution  4
Fall 2 Comparative Business-Government Relations  2
Fall 2 Economic Diplomacy Professional Project 2
TOTAL   48