Tuition is due by 4 p.m. on the first day of classes each semester. 

Add/Drop Period

The Middlebury Institute provides an add/drop period during the first two weeks of the semester, which allows students to modify their enrollment by adding or dropping classes. 

Late Fee

Any student whose tuition and fees are not paid in full by the Monday following the second week of classes will be fined a $250 late fee. A late fee will trigger a hold on the student’s account, preventing registration for future credits until the tuition and fees are paid in full.

Third Party Payment

Students who provide documentation to the bursar of a third party payment (such as an organization, government, or third party entity) will not be charged a late fee.

Administrative Withdrawal

Students whose tuition and fees for each semester remain unpaid after the 20th day of classes will be contacted by their dean to provide details on a plan for payment. Students who cannot provide a satisfactory guarantee of payment will face administrative withdrawal. Students who are administratively withdrawn may not return to the Institute for future enrollment until their tuition balance has been paid in full and they are in good financial and academic standing.