Upskill your localization team. Raise brand awareness. Create connections. Find new talent.

Corporate partners are a critical component of the Translation and Localization Management (TLM) program. We work closely with you to train your current employees and connect you with up-and-coming localization talent through speaking and mentorship opportunities. In addition to developing meaningful relationships, corporate partnerships build brand recognition and raise awareness.

Our Professors Are Also Professionals

Every day Martiño Prada uses his TLM degree experience in his work on the globalization team at Netflix, and he credits working with professors who are also industry professionals for helping him gain the necessary skills and hands-on expertise.

My name is Martino Prada. I work at Netflix as a program manager on the globalization team and I’m a TLM graduate.

As a program manager, I think about ways to localize our content in the most efficient way, so our users can enjoy the Netflix shows and movies and have a seamless experience from a product perspective, from a content perspective.

For example, thinking about how can we localize the content that we get from India into the rest of the languages in the world? And what sort of strategies we can use to adapt the language, the visuals, how the shows are presented in the product.

“The trip to Asia was awesome. We learned a lot and I brought back a bunch of plans and initiatives.”

I chose the Middlebury Institute because I thought the TLM program is unique in many ways. It was very career-focused and very practical. We got to understand from professionals in the industry how their day-to-day works, what are the things that they do in their companies. I think that was very valuable. The fact that our professors are actually professionals with experience in the industry.

A lot of the classes were very hands-on. We actually had to manage localization projects and actually deal with real clients and build solutions for localization problems.

Honestly, MIIS just opened my mind and opened the doors for the opportunity to explore my potential as a professional and it opened the doors for a great career that I know I wouldn’t have been able to have without those two years at MIIS, without that opportunity.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Receive special pricing for employees enrolled in nondegree Learning Path courses.
  • Recruit new talent through our Monterey campus and virtual sessions.
  • Participate in the Translation, Interpretation, and Localization Management Career Fair to identify and recruit future employees.
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Localization Learning Paths

Give your localization team the most critical skills in a rapidly changing industry through our online, part-time learning path courses. Sample courses below:

  • Quality and Supplier Management (Buyer)
  • Program Management
  • Leadership for Localization Management
  • Data-Driven Localization
  • AI for Localization Management
  • RTL Localization and BiDi
  • Designing for Internationalization and Culture
  • International Marketing for Localizers
  • Working Across Cultures

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Faculty: Industry Experts and Insiders

Our faculty have extensive professional experience and engage in organizations like the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), Nimdzi, LocWorld, Women in Localization, and the American Translators Association (ATA). Meet our faculty.

NetApp Testimonial

NetApp has been collaborating with the Middlebury Institute for many years and we are always delighted to be part of MIIS students’ academic growth. Presenting to students on backgrounds of globalization professionals or creating specific programs such as Coordinated Professional Studies have been enriching for us and for the students. Teaching and mentoring the next generation of professionals supports the growth of the globalization industry for clients and vendors alike.

 –Edith Bendermacher, Head of Globalization Strategy and Localization Operations, NetApp

Find New Talent for Your Localization Team

Graduates from our MA in Translation and Localization Management programs are equipped to hit the ground running with specialized skills in project and program management, process workflow optimization, business and technical skills, and foundational knowledge of localization best practices. Meet just a few of our students and graduates below.

Profile image of Connor Wertz

Connor Wertz (Current Student)

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer who lived and worked in Guizhou, China. Leader of student organizations that focus on cultural bridge-building. Lived and worked in ambiguous, rapidly changing environments. Excellent intercultural communication skills; can be flexible with demands. Languages: Chinese and English. LinkedIn profile.

Profile image of Jamie Chu

Jamie Chu (Recent Graduate)

Experienced project manager with a strong understanding of product development and management. Demonstrated history of working with international teams in the consumer goods and art industries. Effective and creative problem solver ready to tackle any localization project. LinkedIn profile.

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