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TLM Career Outcomes

Take courses as a non-degree student in our online MA in Translation and Localization Management. We group related courses in localization learning paths to guide you in building your expertise in a specific area of localization management. 

Advance Your Career: Degree-Seeking and Non-Degree

Depending on your career goals, you may benefit from enrolling in our online master’s program as a degree-seeking student, or you may start by taking courses in our learning paths as a non-degree student.

Degree-seeking students will realize significant advances in their careers as they cover all aspects of localization management and have access to the full range of resources the Institute has to offer, including professional development and career fairs. Non-degree students will have more targeted goals in specific localization areas. A course in a learning path will have both degree-seeking and non-degree students, expanding your professional network and bringing a rich diversity of insights to those classes.

In general, we recommend non-degree learning paths for the following groups:

  • Graduates of our Translation, Translation and Interpretation, Conference Interpretation, and Translation and Localization Management master’s degree programs: you may not have had a chance to take certain courses we now offer while you were a student and they could help you in your current work.
  • Localization industry insiders: you have 2+ years of work experience in the language services industry and your career goals only require improvement in a specific area of localization management.
  • Employees of our partner localization organizations: your employer has identified areas of expertise they are looking to develop in your organization through our courses.

Degree-seeking applicants should visit our online MA in Translation and Localization Management for more information. The information below is for our non-degree learning paths. 

To get personalized advice on whether you should apply to our degree or non-degree options, please connect with your enrollment advisor.

Learning Paths

Not only do our learning paths guide you in which courses will help you build expertise in your area of interest but they will also help you as you market yourself for career advancement. Our learning paths are based on insights from employers and our faculty who all have extensive professional experience in the industry. Click on each of the following learning paths for descriptions of each class, learning goals, and other details:

  • Localization Project Management
  • Localization Program Management
  • Localization Technology and Process Management
  • Internationalization Engineering
  • Media and Creative Localization
  • Localization-Related Intercultural Competency

The learning paths are suggestions to guide you and not requirements. If your application is accepted, you will meet with your academic advisor to discuss an appropriate sequence of courses that align with your goals.


Non-degree students in our learning paths pay the same per-credit price as our degree-seeking students. 

The per credit rate for the online TLM degree is $1,450 for the 2021–22 academic year. Most courses are two credits.

Many employers have tuition assistance programs to help cover the costs of professional development opportunities like our localization learning paths so we encourage you to contact the appropriate contact at your organization to see if tuition assistance is available.

How to Apply

A limited number of learning path seats are available in each course so we encourage you to apply at your earliest opportunity.

Admission Prerequisites

These courses are designed for both U.S.-based and international professionals who meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Two or more years of work experience in the language services industry (translation, interpretation, or project management)
  • Graduate of the translation, interpretation, and localization management master’s programs at the Middlebury Institute.
  • Employee of our localization partner companies. Please contact your company’s professional development team to see if they are a partner.

Application Checklist

The online application requires the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Financial support
  • Education background
  • Professional background
  • Career goals
  • Language background (to determine if you need to submit a TOEFL/IELTS score)
  • $65 application fee: waived for Institute alumni and employees of our partner organizations

Start your application

  • Select Non-Degree or Certificate in the key questions section
  • Select Translation and Localization Management as your program

Converting from Non-Degree to Degree-Seeking

As your goals evolve you may find that your career would benefit from our online master’s degree program. Having taken learning path classes, you will have a simplified application process and you will receive credit for any courses that you have taken, allowing you to waive those classes and graduate faster.