| by Jeff Dayton-Johnson

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Dear Middlebury Institute Community,

I’m writing with an update on the Institute’s academic plan for the spring 2022 semester. 

We very much look forward to welcoming newly admitted students—and welcoming back continuing students—whether on-site or online. Our academic format will remain unchanged from the current fall 2021 semester. 

In particular:,

  • Spring 2022 will be a primarily in-person semester, with classes taking place on our Monterey campus.
  • At the same time, we will support the academic progress of those students who cannot, or choose not, to be in Monterey. Remote students can begin or continue their learning online.

We project that a majority of students will be learning on-site in Monterey, and that a substantial minority will be undertaking their studies online, as is the case this fall.

Of course, we cannot say with certainty how the COVID-19 pandemic will change between now and the spring, or how any change will affect safety protocols on campus. We will monitor guidance from federal, state, and county public-health authorities and revisit and revise our protocols as needed to ensure that our academic operations proceed under the safest conditions possible. (Our current COVID-19 campus protocols can be consulted here.)

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to keep our academic operations vibrant and effective, and our community healthy and safe. 


Jeff Dayton-Johnson