These resources are available to help employees connect with individuals, groups, and departments across the Middlebury network.

Please note you may need to log in to access some of these resources.

Organizational Charts & Contacts

This page compiles organizational charts and contact lists from across the Middlebury network.

Middlebury Institute Department Liaisons

Department liaisons serve as a first point of contact for their department. If you are working with a department for the first time, or are unsure of who to go to with a question, the department liaison can help you get connected with the right information.

MiddPoints Newsletter

MiddPoints is an employee e-newsletter and website for all faculty and staff of the Middlebury Enterprise. All are welcome to contribute content; the e-newsletter “digest” of the most recent content is sent out every other Wednesday.

Communication Resources & Best Practices

This document brings together helpful resources and best practices for supporting effective communication across the organization.

Distance Collaboration Information

Distance collaboration is an important dimension of our organizational work. This one-page document provides helpful advice when connecting with colleagues in different locations.

Middlebury Travel Exchange 

The “Middlebury Travel Exchange” is a newly created resource to offer useful information that will help staff and faculty prepare for travel between Monterey and Middlebury. It’s especially for people who have never traveled between the College and Institute before, but may be helpful for seasoned travelers as well. It is created on Middlebury’s Canvas platform, and functions like a very short course with three modules: General Travel, Travel to Monterey, CA, and Travel to Middlebury, VT. Staff and faculty with Middlebury credentials can log in and “enroll” in the course to view the resource.

Internal Calendar

Access to a comprehensive room reservation calendar can be made available to employees who work with event planning and scheduling. Please contact Melissa Sorenson,, to request access.