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The following links will connect you with organizational and contact information for the Middlebury network.




Organizational Chart for President and Direct Reports

Administrative Organizational Chart


Middlebury College

Middlebury, Vermont

Middlebury College Offices & Services


Middlebury Institute of International Studies

Monterey, California

Middlebury Institute Offices & Services

Middlebury Institute Department Liaisons

Middlebury Institute Organizational Chart


Middlebury in DC

Washington, DC

Office Contacts


Middlebury Bread Loaf School of English

Ripton, Vermont • Santa Fe, New Mexico • Oxford, United Kingdom

Program Contacts


Middlebury Bread Loaf Writer's Conference

Ripton, Vermont • Sicily, Italy

Program Contacts


Middlebury School of the Environment

Middlebury, Vermont

Program Contacts


Middlebury Language Schools

Middlebury, Vermont • Oakland, California • Paris, France • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Program Contacts


Middlebury C.V. Starr Schools Abroad


International Programs Office - Vermont

Argentina - Buenos Aires, Córdoba

Brazil - Belo Horizonte, Florianópolis, Niterói

Cameroon - Yaoundé

Chile - Concepción, La Serena, Santiago, Temuco, Valdivia, Valparaíso

China - Beijing, Hangzhou, Kunming

France - Bordeaux, Paris, Poitiers

Germany - Berlin, Mainz

India - Delhi

Israel - Beer-Sheva

Italy - Ferrara, Florence, Rome

Japan - Tokyo

Jordan - Amman

Morocco - Rabat

Russia - Irkutsk, Moscow, Yaroslavl

Spain - Córdoba, Getafe, Logroño, Madrid

United Kingdom - Oxford

Uruguay - Montevideo