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“A Global Perspective on Drugs” is the topic of this year’s Spring Forum at the Monterey Institute. This unique event, hosted by the Institute’s Translation and Interpretation program, features ten speakers in seven different languages being simultaneously interpreted by Translation and Interpretation students, each addressing a different aspect of this very controversial and timely topic. Among the speakers will be Professor Moyara Ruehsen of the Monterey Institute, a specialist in illicit markets; Jia Li, a current student of conference interpretation and former Chinese government official; and Sean Thomas, a medical marijuana user and activist. The speakers will speak in their native languages and translation and interpretation students will simultaneously interpret to the audience.

The program will be structured in the form of two panel discussions, the first on the topic of “Drug Policy and Foreign Relations” and the second on “Drugs Remix: Culture and Society.” Each speaker will be given eight minutes for an opening statement, which will be followed with a panel discussion and then opened up for comments and questions from the audience. The event is free and open to the public.

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