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The Monterey Institute Trade Club will present “Global Integration and the Future of Development,” the fifth annual MIIS Trade and Investment Conference on Saturday, March 3, with keynote speaker Dr. Charles Wheelan.

Dr. Wheelan is a senior lecturer in the Harris School at the University of Chicago. He is also the bestselling author of Naked Economics: Undressing the Dismal Science (2002) which, according to the W.W. Norton catalog, “makes up for all of those Econ 101 lectures you slept through (or avoided) in college, demystifying key concepts, laying bare the truths behind the numbers, and answering those questions you have always been too embarrassed to ask.”

After Dr. Wheelan’s keynote address, panel discussions featuring Institute faculty and distinguished guests will explore three sets of issues related to trade and globalization:

  • Political, Social & Economic Upheaval - Implications for the Future of Global Integration
  • Do-ha…Who is Laughing? The Future of Global Governance
  • The Lesser Known Side of Climate Change: Climate Risk and its impact on Multi-National Corporations

The conference is free and open to the public. Click to register.

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