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“I saw a poster for a casting call on a light pole one day walking home from school,” says Brian Gueyser (MATI ´13), explaining what prompted him to look up from his school books and seek a thespian adventure. “My daily life and schedule were pretty much dictated by my studies in the Japanese Translation and Interpretation master’s program,” Brian shares, adding that when he saw the poster, he was totally ripe for a peachy adventure.

He auditioned for seasoned members of the historic Forest Theater in Carmel for a production of the popular children’s book “James and the Giant Peach“ by Roald Dahl and was cast as the blind Earthworm. “The hardest part about my role was the movement restrictions, for as an earthworm I could not use my hands and had to wiggle,” says Brian, who on the other hand had no problem mastering the Jamaican accent and other interesting character traits of the Earthworm.

The Forest Theater is an outdoor theater founded in 1910 and a beloved institution on the Monterey Peninsula. “I met some amazing people and had a great time,” Brian says, adding that his adventures in the theater gave a new dimension to his Monterey experience and graduate studies, “it is always nice to get to use your brain in different ways.”

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