military drone in flight
An MQ-1 Predator armed with missiles, Source: US Air Force via WikiMedia Commons

On June 4, Associate Professor of Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies Philipp Bleek presented on “Drones and CBRN Terrorism Threats and Responses” as the closing speaker for the June 3-4 “Countering Drones 2020” conference, organized by Defense iQ

The conference brought together international actors working in law enforcement, airports, and critical national infrastructure, together with subject matter experts and technology leaders. Originally planned for London, the conference was modified to take place online due to COVID-19.

Generalizing about CBRN terrorism with drones

In his presentation, Professor Bleek emphasized that “drone-pocalypse” scenarios, with and without chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) weapons, are worth taking with a big grain of salt. At the same time, unmanned aerial systems do and will offer terrorists new CBRN and CBRN-like capabilities. Drones also offer authorities significant CBRN-related defensive and consequence management capabilities.

Professor Bleek has published, together with alumnus Zak Kallenborn, several articles on the implications of emerging drone technologies for state and terrorist CBRN threats and for state responses to them.

Download the PDF Slideshow Presentation.

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