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While Elizabeth (Ellie) Wood (MAIEP ’12) was a student of in the Master of Arts in International Environmental Policy (MAIEP) program at the Monterey Institute, she focused on energy and climate change and also on sustainable business development. She is one of the 96 percent of the MAIEP graduating class of May 2012 to successfully gain employment in their desired field within six months of graduation.

Originally from Seattle (a graduate of Colorado College), Ellie had her sights set on Boeing, where she had “always wanted to work.” She was able design her studies at MIIS to perfectly suit her interests. “I got really interested in nuclear energy and was able to take amazing courses at CNS (the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies). It was wonderful to have that opportunity,” she says.

Ellie plays an integrative role in the Environmental Strategy and Aviation Team at Boeing, where she works as an analyst. “I feel incredibly uniquely qualified for this job, as it combines my interests and academic background in business, policy and energy.” Her team sets the strategy for environmental initiatives related to noise, carbon emissions, biofuel and other issues for Boeing commercial planes. “I would like to stay here and continue to grow and am fortunate that there are many opportunities for vertical growth at Boeing,” says Ellie Wood, one of our very happy statistics at the Monterey Institute.

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