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In an op-ed piece published in Israeli newspaper Haaretz on December 2, Monterey Institute Professor Avner Cohen pointedly argues for restraint and informed debate regarding possible responses to Iran’s nuclear ambitions in an opinion column titled “Israel’s Iran Dilemma.”

The column was sparked by recent statements by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on the Iranian nuclear issue in which he downplayed the risk involved with an all-out conflict with Iran and painted a doomsday version of the worst-case scenario associated with a nuclear Iran.  In the view of Professor Cohen, “the idea of an independent Israeli attack at this time on the nuclear facilities in Iran is both irrational and megalomaniacal.”  But perhaps Cohen’s greatest message is the need to refrain from shallow and simplistic messages and a call for a renewed peace process and informed public debate.

Professor Cohen was also recently interviewed by the Iranian, a news website popular among the Iranian diaspora.

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