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As many students are getting ready for new jobs, internships or summer adventures, others are gearing up for a busy summer of language learning. Among those in the latter group are the 140 students who will be attending five different Intensive English Programs at the Monterey Institute this summer. 

Approximately 40 students from around the world will take part in the Intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) Summer Session eight-week long course, including six prospective Middlebury College students. 

Thirty students are enrolled in two courses specifically designed for preparation for matriculation into Monterey Institute degree programs in the fall — English Preparation for Translation and Interpretation, and English Preparation for Graduate Studies. 

In July, about 35 Fulbright Scholars will study Academic English at the Monterey Institute before moving into Master’s and PhD programs at other universities.

Thirty-six students from the University of Shimane in Japan will arrive in the beginning of August for a month-long study abroad experience.

Finally, 30 students from all over the world will study English for ten weeks in the Intensive English Fall Session.

If you would like to host one of these students as home stay family, or participate as either an event volunteer or a “Dinners in the Community” host, contact Patricia Szasz, director of the Intensive English Program, at

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