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On July 22, the Monterey County Herald featured Monterey Institute Alum Mei-Ling Chen (MATI ’99) and her new business, Monterey Language Services, in an article titled “MIIS Grad Returns, Starts Language Service.” After graduating from the Monterey Institute in 1999, Mei-Ling Chen spent ten years working in translation services in Washington D.C., before returning recently to open a new translation and interpretation service in Monterey County. In the article, Mei-Ling says the county’s diversity of cultures and languages provide “a very inspiring environment” for her enterprise. As the Herald notes, with both the Monterey Institute and the Defense Language Institute located here, the Monterey region has developed into a hub for translation and interpretation education and services.

Mei-Ling Chen also uses Monterey Institute students as freelancers for translation, including current students Lee Eisenberg (MATLM ’11) and Emily Frye (MATI ‘11). Monterey Language Services has a staff of five but connections to hundreds of freelancers — or, as Mei-Ling puts it in her interview with the Herald: “I am a matchmaker, I’m very good at matching people and projects.”

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