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The current issue of The Carnegie Reporter, a publication of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, features several students of the Monterey Institute’s Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies program in its spring publication. The article is titled “Next Gen Nonproliferation” and portrays the Monterey Institute students as future leaders in the global effort to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction.

Last fall, the Carnegie Corporation awarded the Monterey Institute and its James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies a three-year $900,000 grant to support nonproliferation education and training. According to the article, the corporation places great faith in CNS Director Bill Potter, who “is building tomorrow’s global community of nonproliferation experts today.”

Professor Potter in turn places a lot of trust in his students, insisting on recruiting “only the best and the brightest” for work on the world stage. Potter says there are different ways to determine potential — academic excellence matters, but there also has to be an element of passion. The students profiled in the article have diverse experiences, but all share a passion and commitment to building sound nonproliferation policy based on science and diplomatic realities.

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