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Summer has arrived at the Monterey Institute and with it an influx of new students immersing themselves in a second or third language. One hundred and thirty students from the U.S., Canada, Namibia and Ireland are enrolled in the eight-week long Summer Intensive Language Program (SILP). The average class size in the popular program is ten students and the courses involve cultural lessons and field trips as well as intensive language instruction. Walking around campus this summer you will be able to hear students conversing in at least the six SILP languages—Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish and Japanese—as well as English. To follow the many exciting cultural activities and lessons the students will experience, visit the SILP blog.

Another 28 students from around the world—Afghanistan, Brazil, China, France, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Peru, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan and Vietnam—will be improving their English language skills and adding color to campus life as part of the Intensive English Program this summer.

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