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The Summer Intensive Language Program helps students achieve their language learning goals through a rigorous curriculum focused on professional communication and real-world themes.

Living the Language

My name is Jason Martel. I'm the associate director of our Summer Intensive Language Program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies. I'm also a professor of TESOL TFL here. We have a very flexible curriculum that's really tailored towards students' individual needs. So it's a curriculum that meets students where they're at and really helps them to push from where they are to where they want to be. Within eight weeks, it's quite amazing the progress we can make with students.

At my previous language learning environment, it has been sort of like, here's these words. Go memorize them, come back tomorrow, we can test you on it. Whereas in SILP, we're continuing to hit on different themes and skill sets with the language, over and over. And it's sort of just this constant building upward.

Before, I was really afraid to use the language with other people. I would just keep it to listening and reading, but now I feel like I can engage with other people. And I couldn't have done that unless I came here.

Seven weeks ago, I was really struggling to communicate with my peers and now I can hold conversations. I did a presentation this morning that was 20 minutes long. I've made really big jumps, honestly.

We have really small class sizes, which allow the teachers to get to know students really well, and it allows students to get to know each other really well. We also have cross program events that brings students from all the different languages together. We have lots of co-curricular activities as well that allow students to learn about culture and use language outside of the classroom. And then we have tutoring hours every day for students that help them pay attention to things in language that they need help with.

My professor is always available, and she is super supportive. And our TA is also always available to me. She has office hours every day after class. She's really friendly and welcoming and really able to help with the things that I need help with outside of class.

Learning beyond the walls of the classroom is an important factor of the SILP program. There's four and a half hours of instruction every day, which is vital to the students' language learning. But we like to get them out in the community and get them to use their language skills in real life meaningful context. There are many parts of the program that really do stimulate growth and language proficiency. I love trying out new things with teachers and doing innovative practices that get us to think, and revisit what we do, and question what we do, and ensure that we're giving the best possible language instruction to students that we can. The Middlebury Institute really sets up a situation where people can learn language and use language to do things that are meaningful, and interesting, and engaging in the world.

If you're looking for good teachers, concerned tutors, and great activities that align with the language and the program that you wanna study in, then come to SILP, because everything is here for your benefit.

Summer session: June 14–August 8, 2018
Priority deadline: March 1, 2018

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For more than 60 years, the Summer Intensive Language Program has helped students make significant strides in their language skills in just eight weeks. The program is designed for motivated students who want to benefit from Middlebury’s high level of instruction and improve their fluency and cultural understanding in a specific language for both personal and professional goals.

  • Small classes (average eight students)

  • Four and a half hours of class each day from 9:00 a.m - 2:30 p.m. 

  • In-language cocurricular activities, such as cultural events and guest lectures

  • Limited number of Davis Fellows for Peace awards which cover tuition, room, and board 
  • Understanding of cultural, social, and historical contexts of language use

  • Curricular focus on current world events and materials

  • Individual projects to develop fluency in particular fields of interest

  • Designed for both professional and academic goals


We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes in the following languages. Select your language of interest for more detailed course information.

Staff and Faculty

Our language teaching specialists and administrators support you from application through end-of-program commencement.

Meet the team

Tuition and Fees

Below are estimated costs for the 2018 session. Some outside scholarship funds are available. Please note that classes in any language may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. In the case of cancellation, applicants will be notified by May 11.

Tuition $4,175
Health Insurance $900**
Housing and Food $3,300*
Personal Expenses $400
Transportation $375
Books and Supplies $150

*The range for housing and food is an estimate for the cost of renting a room in an apartment or house, or renting a studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom apartment. Utilities and other housing expenses may not be included.

**All students attending the Institute are required to show proof of health insurance. Students who do not have proof of insurance will be required to enroll in the Institute’s health insurance program.

Tuition and Refund Policies


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Contact us with any questions.