Image of rolling hills in Tuscany Italy at sunset

Explore the world through educational travel.

Designed for both Middlebury alumni seeking to enrich their horizons and wine industry enthusiasts eager to advance their knowledge, our Educational Travel experiences are more than just trips; they’re opportunities for personal growth, cross-cultural connections, and meaningful exploration.

Sunset on a wine orchard in Tuscany

Italy Wine, Language, and Culture: A Taste of Enrichment

Indulge your passions and broaden your horizons with our captivating Italy Wine, Language, and Culture program. Immerse yourself in the heart of Italy while learning the language, delving into wine tasting, and discovering the nuances of Italian culture. Join us in a journey that celebrates the fusion of language and lifestyle, inviting you to savor the art of learning amidst the enchanting landscapes of Italy. Learn more about Italy Wine, Language & Culture.

Image of Spanish Wine Country

An Exploration Of Spanish Language & Wine In Rioja

Coming Soon! Gain insider perspectives from local wine experts and network with fellow industry professionals and wine enthusiasts from around the world. A program designed for wine-industry professionals and experienced enthusiasts to gain skills and knowledge of this rapidly growing wine region.

Unlocking Custom Experiences

Educational Travel offers you the power to curate your own journey. As an organizational leader in the wine industry, you can harness the potential of language to elevate your team’s experience. Craft a customized trip that aligns with your organization’s goals and passions, intertwining language education with industry expertise, and forging connections that transcend borders. 


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