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Puppy Room 2017
Students enjoy the “Puppy Room” in the Holland Center on Thursday, one of a series of events hosted by the Office of Student Services to help reduce stress during finals.

“I wish we could have puppies here every day,” one Middlebury Institute student exclaimed as she participated in the “Puppy Room” event at the Holland Center this afternoon. Bringing rescue puppies and kittens to campus is one of the events the Office of Student Services hosts in the last week of each semester to help alleviate some of the stress that inevitably surrounds finals week.

Student Services Coordinator Alexa Zmich says they are always looking for ways to make finals a less stressful, more enjoyable part of the graduate school experience. This year they added a new event based on a suggestion from a student in a survey. This spring, in addition to massages, a stress-relief workshop and a puppy room, students will on Wednesday be invited to make their own snack combinations at a snack bar in the Holland Center Courtyard.

Morgan Rawlings MAIEM/MPA ’18 was among the students who enjoyed coffee, tea and breakfast burritos on Monday morning. “I really appreciate this,” she said, “I was so tired this morning and now at least breakfast is handled!” Rawlings was recently elected president of the Student Council for the upcoming school year; the council also offers free coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the library, and on Sunday delivered muffins to students hard at work in the Samson Student Center.


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