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“We are really proud of the this group” says professor Jason Scorse, director of the newly established Center for the Blue Economy and program chair of the International Environmental Policy Program at the Monterey Institute.

Seven students will be working this summer on a variety of projects related to research and conservation of our oceans. They are:

  • Colleen Beye (MAIEP ’12), working with the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) in the Ocean Innovations Program on fisheries cooperatives in Mexico.
  • Frank Reynolds (MAIEP ’12), working with the EDF on shark conservation in Cuba and Mexico.
  • Silvia Sanchez (MAIEP ’12) working with WildAid on the enforcement of marine protected areas.
  • Adam Fullerton (MAIEP ’12) working with Conservation International on turtle conservation in Asia.
  • Mandy Sackett (MAIEP ’12) working with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on Marine Protected Areas in South America.
  • Lisa Johnston (MAIEP ’12) working with the IUCN on blue carbon initiatives in Indonesia.
  • Alyssum Pohl (MAIEP ’12) working with the World Wildlife Fund on global aguaculture policy.

The Center for the Blue Economy was launched in March 2011 with the announcement of a $1 million gift from San Francisco residents and Middlebury College parents Robin and Deborah Hicks in their capacities as trustees of the Loker Foundation. The gift, paid over four years, will support initial course development, fund a new faculty position and provide research and internship opportunities for students. These seven students were chosen to be the first group receiving financial support and placement through the new center.

In fall 2012, the Institute’s existing Master of Arts in International Environmental Policy degree program will be enhanced by a new certificate program in International Marine Policy—the first program of its kind in all of California.

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