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The so-called “Monterey Mafia”—Monterey Institute alumni—are everywhere, but are particularly well-represented in major international organizations such as the United Nations.  The Institute’s busy Alumni Relations Office recently heard from Dylan Westfeldt (MATI ’99), currently a staff interpreter at UN Headquarters in New York, who reported that “at UNHQ there are currently six MIIS staffers and one busy freelancer. Further, three MIIS grads just passed the last staff exam for the English booth.”

The six alumni currently in staff at the UN include Amy Brady (MACI ‘07), Daniel Casanova (MACI ‘95), Adrian Delgado (MATI ‘93), Sheila Shermet (MACI ‘88), Westfeldt himself, and Yang Xu (MACI ’06).  Stephanie Maynadier (MATI ‘99) frequently freelances for the UN, and Sarah Irene (MACI ‘10), Charles Kimberly (MACI ‘08), and Sarah Wilson (MACI ‘01) all recently passed the exam to qualify to work in the English interpreting booth in the future.

The Monterey Institute’s programs in Translation and Interpretation and Conference Interpretation are among the most highly regarded in the world—just ask the UN!

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