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Student at the World Bank
Students at the World Bank during the spring break career networking trip to Washington DC.

Sixty Middlebury Institute students participated in the annual spring break career networking trip to Washington D.C. where the Center for Advising and Career Services (with support from Alumni Relations) had planned over thirty events, visits to national and international organizations, networking opportunities and a special career fair hosted at Middlebury in DC.

Students visited organizations including the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Trade Commission, the Ploughshares Fund, the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Save the Children and NASA, and were able to meet and interact with professionals from each of these organizations, including numerous alumni. “It’s always so heartening to see how many of the alumni came out to support the DC Career Week events,” said Leah Gowron, director of alumni relations, “either at information sessions on site at their organizations, at the career fair at the DC office, or as enthusiastic networkers engaging our students at the student/alumni networking reception.”

“I learned so much for the DC Spring Break trip!” said Lizzie Falconer MPA ’17. “We networked, explored the city, and had the opportunity to meet with employers and talk about the field.” An especially useful part of this trip for students is the opportunity to meet alumni and other professionals working in their chosen fields. Added Gowron: “You can, quite literally, see the students thinking, ‘Wow, this could be me in a few years’ as our alumni share their success stories, offer advice for navigating Washington career opportunities, or just give words of encouragement. Alumni remember their own experiences as soon-to-be-graduates, seeking employment and launching careers, and watching them now pay it forward is frankly one of the most rewarding parts of career week.”

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