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A unique tri-lingual talk presented at TEDxMonterey by Professors Laura Burian (MATI ’98) and Barry Olsen (MACI ’99) and then-student Miguel Garcia (MACI ’14) is currently featured as an “Editor’s Pick” on the official TEDxTalks page. Every week the editors at TEDxTalks pick their favorites from thousands of talks presented at independent TEDx events around the world and it is a great honor to be featured. If you like the talk, please consider leaving feedback on the designated form on the page.

In their talk titled “

,” Professors Burian and Olsen speak about the differences between translation and interpretation, two often confused terms, and the history of interpretation as a profession. They also demonstrate to the audience, speaking in Spanish and Chinese, and with the help of students Beatrix Rodriguez (MATI ’14) and Weihao Zhang (MACI ’14), how simultaneous interpretation works. On stage in the Institute’s Irvine Auditorium, Miguel Garcia and the professors awe the audience with a demonstration of consecutive interpretation, showcasing the complex skills behind interpretation.

To learn more about the degree options offered in the fields of translation, translation and interpretation or conference interpretationcheck out the academic pages on our website.

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