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Three Monterey Institute graduates, Anne-Claire Benoit (MPA ’12), Kathleen Gordon (MPA ’12), and Bill Reinecke (MBA ’10) are on their way to one-year assignments in Africa as Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Fellows. Hundreds of qualified people apply annually to this highly coveted and prestigious fellowship, but no other graduate school is as well represented as the Monterey Institute. This fall, Jennifer Nazaire, program officer for the International Fellows Program, called to thank Master of Public Administration Program Chair Beryl Levinger for the great work the Institute does in preparing students for careers in international development.

Anne-Claire and Bill have previously worked and lived in Africa and both are Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. Anne-Claire is now headed to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bill to Rwanda, and Kathleen to Niger. “My father was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo,” says Anne-Claire, “so I was quite excited to learn that I would be assigned there for my fellowship year.” CRS Fellows often transition to program managers and we look forward to checking in on this impressive group next year.

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