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If you withdraw from your courses by the appropriate date, you may be eligible for a tuition refund.

If you officially drop your courses by the dates outlined in our refund schedule, you are eligible for a refund of your tuition.

Please contact the Records Office for official course withdrawal procedures. Please note that non-attendance does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal.

Refund Schedule for Fall and Spring Semesters

If you’re withdrawing from the Institute, refund amounts are based on tuition charges less the nonrefundable tuition deposit.

Through the 10th day of the semester


From the 11th day to 20th day


From the 21st day to 45th day


After the 45th day of the semester


Weekend Workshops

Weekend workshops and other brief courses dropped by 4pm on the last business day a week before they begin will receive a full refund.  After that deadline, there is no refund. 

Full-time to Part-time Status

If a student’s enrollment status during the regular academic year voluntarily changes from full time to part time as a result of dropping a course that entitles them to a refund, the student will be refunded the difference between the paid full time tuition and the per credit cost for the number of credits they are enrolled in (in accordance with the refund chart above).  If the student has been billed full time tuition, but has not paid tuition in full, their account will be credited a percentage of the difference between the full time tuition and the per credit cost (in accordance with the refund chart above).