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Dmitry Buzadzhi graduated from Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia) with a degree in Translation/Interpretation and Intercultural Communication. He later defended his PhD dissertation there, dedicated to stylistic aspects of literary translation. Buzadzhi has taught a number of translation and interpretation courses at Moscow State Linguistic University and other major Russian universities. He has also developed Russian courses specifically for UN translators and interpreters. For a number of years, he was the head of the English Translation and Interpretation Department at Moscow State Linguistic University. 

As a translator, Buzadzhi has dealt extensively with journalistic, literary, and commercial texts, websites, movies, animation films, and other genres. His translations of short stories by A.S. Byatt were published in Russia in a two-volume collection of her short prose. He has also edited translations for a number of Russian-language magazines and managed teams of translators. As an interpreter, he has worked for organizations and business clients both in Russia and the U.S.

Dmitry Buzadzhi has published several dozen articles on various aspects of translation/interpretation theory and pedagogy, and has co-authored textbooks and presented papers at conferences.

Areas of Interest

I am fascinated by translation/interpretation, teaching, and language. Language is an indispensable vehicle for and a reflection of thinking. Few things, if any, reveal the human nature better than language, so there is a good reason to be fascinated by it.

Teaching is the best way to share your thoughts and observations about translation and interpretation with others. Articulating these observations actually helps you understand the various aspects of your profession better. So teaching is always learning, and, if it stops being that, it is probably time to move on and do something else.

Academic Degrees

  • Candidate of Philology (equivalent to PhD) in Translation/Interpretation and Comparative Linguistics, Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, Russia
  • Specialist (equivalent to MA) in Translation/Interpretation and Intercultural Communication, Moscow State Linguistic University, Moscow, Russia 

Professor Buzadzhi has been teaching at the Institute since 2016.


(in Russian)

  • Constant Variables. On Tactics for Achieving Adequacy in Interpretation. Mosty, 3(51)/2016. – pp. 44-54. (with A. Shein)
  • The Nature, Reasons for and Forms of Untranslatability. Mosty, 1(49)/2016. – pp. 58-70. (with A. Kovalchuk)
  • From a Foreign into a Non-native Language. On the State of the Translation Profession and the Russian Language. Mosty, 3(47)/2015. – pp. 16-25.
  • Don’t Trust and Verify. On the Clarification of Factual Information in Translation and Editing. Mosty, 1(45)/2015. – pp. 11-20.
  • What Is Literalism? Mosty, 2(42)/2014. – pp. 37-49.

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