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Members of the Institute community in Monterey and around the world are making their mark, whether in print, online, or both. Here, we share recent publishing news from alumni, students, faculty, and staff.

Professor Balcom’s New Book of Translated Poetry Published

Professor Emeritus John Balcom of the Chinese translation and interpretation degree programs recently published a new book of translated poetry by the Chinese poet Shang Qin, titled The All-Seeing Eye (Cambria Press, 2021).

Balcom has previously published a dozen volumes of translated poetry. Author Shang Qin (1930–2010) was born in China but spent his adult life in Taiwan. He is widely considered an important surrealist poet in addition to the greatest prose poet of his age.

Associate Professor Coedits Book on Metalinguistic Communities

Netta AvineriTESOL and Teaching Foreign Language (TFL) associate professor and Intercultural Competence Committee chair,  coedited the book Metalinguistic Communities: Case Studies of Agency, Ideology, and Symbolic Uses of Language (Palgrave Macmillan). Avineri coined the model of the metalinguistic community during her ethnographic dissertation research with Yiddish community members in 2012. This book combines 10 case studies exploring how metalinguistic communities are defined primarily by language ideologies and symbolic practices rather than use of the language itself. Metalinguistic communities explored through case studies include Spanish and Hebrew in the United States, Kurdish in Japan, Pataxó Hãhãhãe in Brazil, and Gallo in France. The book’s authors discuss how agency, belonging, negotiations of hegemony, and battles against cultural erasure and genocide shape metalinguistic communities. The book is primarily aimed toward students and scholars interested in applied linguistics, linguistic anthropology, and migration studies.

Professor Coedits Special Issue on Cultivating Relationships for Justice in Applied Linguistics 

Professor Netta Avineri also coedited with UC Davis Associate Professor Danny C. Martinez a special issue of Applied Linguistics, titled “Applied Linguists Cultivating Relationships for Justice: An Aspirational Call to Action.” The special issue discusses how stakeholders in the field of applied linguistics can provide justice for past harms by moving away from individual researchers’ interests toward collective solidarity. The issue features examples of collaborative work in the United States, Mexico, South Africa, Colombia, the Caribbean, and Spain. It is available for free until February 9, 2022.

Professor Publishes Book on Foreign Language Curriculum Design

Jason Martel, associate professor and program chair of the TESOL and TFL programs, authored a book on content-based approaches to foreign language curriculum design, the same methodology utilized in most Institute language courses. Titled Moving Beyond the Grammatical Syllabus: Practical Strategies for Content-Based Curriculum Design (Routledge, 2021), the book introduces and provides strategies and examples of content-based instruction. As a supplement to the book, Martel also developed a website with examples of content-based curricular materials.

Faculty Author and Coauthor Book Chapters on Conference Interpreting

The Routledge Handbook of Conference Interpreting (Routledge, 2022) features four chapters authored or coauthored by Institute faculty. Julie Johnson, professor and program chair of the translation and interpretation master’s programs, authored a chapter titled “Mindfulness Training for Conference Interpreters”; Associate Professor Barry Slaughter Olsen coauthored the chapter “Diplomatic Conference Interpreting”; Professor Renée Jourdenais authored the chapter “Conference Interpreting in the United States”; and Visiting Professor Dmitry Buzadzhi coauthored the chapter “Conference Interpreting in Russia.”

Print and electronic copies of the book will be made available at the Institute library.


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