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Renée Jourdenais
McCone Building M207
(831) 647-4184

Renee Jourdenais joined the Institute’s TESOL/TFL faculty in 1998.  She served as Program Chair of the TESOL/TFL program for almost a decade and then as Dean of the Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation and Language Education, overseeing the Institute’s programs in TESOL/TFL; Translation, Interpretation, and Localization; Language and Intercultural Studies; and Language and Professional Programs.   An applied linguist, her areas of specialty include language teacher education, assessment, research, curriculum design, and second language acquisition and use.  She has consulted on curriculum development and assessment around the world in the areas of language teaching, translation, and interpretation. 


She has taught a wide range of courses including language, linguistics, pedagogy, assessment and research classes. 

Courses Taught

Courses offered in the past two years.

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This course provides overview of major themes, models and methodologies used in TILM research. Students will learn how to understand and critically assess research articles and how to research a thematic area of particular relevance to their professional goals.

Fall 2017 - MIIS

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Areas of Interest

Renee has always felt that languages are meant to be “used.”  In that light, her work has focused heavily on the training of languages for practical purposes, and the Institute has been the perfect place to explore the intersection of language learning and language use in varied professional careers.  Her research on cognition has examined how people come to focus on particular aspects of language as they learn language.  Her explorations in pedagogy have focused on the use of relevant content to teach languages.  Her work in assessment has been dedicated to developing appropriate forms of assessment for particular purposes of language use.  She is particularly passionate about making sure that language learners (and language teachers!) are aware of the wide range of career options for language learners and that the learners are ready to put their languages to use in the fields that they’re passionate about!


Academic Degrees

Ph.D., Applied Linguistics, Georgetown University

M.A., French Literature, University of Florida

TESOL Certificate, University of Florida

B.A., French, Tufts University


Professor Jourdenais has been teaching at the Institute since 1998.


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