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Embrace illustration from Marianna Guedez book
An illustration from the book Desde el Exilio: A Collection of Poems from the Exile by Marianna Guédez Forgiarini TLM ’22.

Marianna Guédez Forgiarini TLM ’22 has written a memoir in verse, Desde el Exilio: A Collection of Poems from the Exile.”

After fleeing Venezuela for the U.S. in 2014 in the face of political upheaval and civil unrest, Guédez turned to her lifelong hobby of writing poetry as a way to work through the pain of her experience. Together, those poems became Desde el Exilio. The first half is written in her native Spanish. The poems are short—just a few lines each—and arranged sparingly on the page, accented with simple but evocative images by a Venezuela-based illustrator who remains anonymous over fears of retaliation by the Venezuelan government.

The second half is an English translation of the first, through which Guédez hopes to reach a U.S. audience. She would like her poetry not only to educate Americans about what Venezuela was and what it has become, but to impress on them the fragility of democracy and the responsibility of civic engagement.

Read the full story in the Middlebury Magazine.

Marianna Guedez holding a copy of her book Desde el Exilio
Marianna Guédez Forgiarini TLM ’22 holds a copy of her book, Desde el Exilio: A Collection of Poems from the Exile.

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