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Professor Xiaoyan Shen teaches both interpretation and translation courses in the Chinese Translation and Interpretation Program. Prior to joining MIIS, she taught at Beijing International Studies University for ten years during which time she became Chair of the Interpretation Department. Between 2001 and 2007, Professor Shen taught at Xi’an International Studies University.

Over the years, Professor Shen has worked extensively as a conference interpreter for government agencies, MNCs, NGOs and major events. She has also been invited to lecture at numerous T&I training programs both in China and overseas.

Areas of Interest

Professor Shen sees translation and interpretation as the ultimate demonstration of the craftsmanship and art of languages, though in fact the outcome of translation and interpretation is also the result of an often agonizing decision-making process. She has been, therefore, dedicated to helping students develop a wholistic and critical view of translation and interpretation that emphasizes more discourse than words. Principles and coping strategies of translation and interpretation are weaved into discussions of specific texts and various heuristic tasks in her class.


Academic Degrees

MA in Conference Interpretation, Monterey Institute of International Studies

MA in English Language and Culture, Xi’an International Studies University

Professor Shen joined MIIS in 2019.

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